Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You say cicada, I say cicAHda

I'm sure everyone has heard all the 'buzz' about the Midwest's cicada invasion, a mobbing of creatures notorious for their 17-year hibernation period. And by buzz, I'm not just making an incredibly corny pun, I'm actually referring to all the crazy things people out there will do to incorporate a cicada into their everyday lifestyle: a warm welcome, if you will.

Yes, less frequent occurrences offer a multitude of opportunites like say, the Walter E. Smithe furniture cicada sale (find the cicada videos in their drop down menu) where they serve freshly squeezed cicada juice and "if you miss it, they won't have another sale like this for 17 years!" Or, you can get even more creative, like my friend's uncle, and make cicada paperweights (little treasures to cherish those little buggers while they're gone). The sky, or rather, the June (July? when do they leave?) soil is the limit with these flying noisemakers and like the good human hosts that we are, we go out of our way to make the most of their visit!

So, what do we do? Naturally, we eat them! Well, ok, not me personally, but you might be surprised how much cicada consumption goes on in these short months. Here's my favorite YouTube cicada video, also a news broadcast on local television channel WTTW.

"Cicada Gourmet Dining"

If you watched, you got a little taste of cicada tempura sushi rolls, some refreshing cicada and jam endive snacks, and even deep fried cicadas! If you're inspired, check out some more cicada recipes.

Most importantly, get 'em while they're around, because the next freshly caught cicada delicacy won't happen for another 17 years!

Enjoy! Or, take a look at this little guy first...


Jim said...

It's looking right at me.
Almost right THROUGH me.

Hillary said...

i think it's too cute to eat.

Jim said...

That's what it wants you to think.

Sarah said...

People are having a little too much fun with the cicada invasion!