Friday, February 16, 2007

Writing Is Just Like Cooking

I don't know about the rest of you but I love to cook, I love creating new dishes for me and my boyfriend in our kitchen. Sometimes I can be the creative one and make up my own recipe from scratch and when I do, I must admit I am pretty proud of myself because they turn out pretty darn good. But when I need ideas, I do turn to other resources but I end up switching some of the ingredients around a bit to make it "my style". It is kind of like writing an article. You research ideas and topics to write about and once you find something you like, you write about it in your own words.

So where am I going with this you might be asking? Well, the other day I found a recipe from Kraft for mini meatloafs and it caught my attention because of the presentation. I almost passed it up because I have never been a fond fan of meatloaf. But as I read the ingredients and directions I decided to switch up the ingredients and try it. And boy did it turn out great. I want to share my recipe with you because this is a perfect meal to serve for two people or for a family of four. The best part is, this is cheap to make because most of the ingredients should already be in your fridge and pantry.

Below is the recipe that I have come up with. I am giving you the ingredients I used for making this a meal for two. Just double it up if you want to make a meal for four. I hope you gals/guys try this and let me know what you think.


1/2 Ground Turkey
1 tsp.Old World Seasoning (use less or more depending on your taste and style)
Spaghetti Sauce
Low Fat Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Pam Cooking Spray
1/2 Pkg. of Chicken Stuffing
1/3 C. of water


First pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. In a bowl combine ground turkey, water and stuffing mix, and old world seasoning. Mix these ingredients well. Take your muffin pan and spray Pam inside each "cup" so the mini turkeyloafs won't stick once they are cooked. Take a handful of the meat mixture (you need to judge the size) and stuff in each muffin "cup". DO NOT OVER-STUFF! Once this step is done, you will need to make an indention in each cup- just hollow out the middle (like you would when you have mash potatoes and you want the gravy to stay in the middle). Now in the hollowed out part of each mini turkey loaf add a spoonful of the spaghetti sauce. Then put the pan in the oven and let it cook for 25 minutes. After this time, take out the pan and sprinkle some shredded cheese on top and place back in the oven for an additional five minutes.

Take out and let them sit for a couple of minutes. I served these with mashed potatoes and a veggie. They were excellent!

Yield: 6 mini turkey loafs