Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Product Review: Odorless Chopping

I have been known to chop garlic while wearing large, yellow, rubber kitchen gloves. Even in other people's kitchen, I often request a pair of gloves to wear while chopping. And though I may come off as a germ-fearing weirdo (which I'm not) or even an ignorant kitchen dweller (not even close), I do have a point. Who wants their hands to smell like garlic for days? Although my boyfriend claims this is an aphrodisiac, I'd rather have chocolate covered strawberries.

Like any good chef, my love for garlic is pure and I use it unsparingly in many a dish, but I knew there had to be a better way to chop it than with thick rubber gloves. And there is! Maybe you've already discovered this wondrous piece of machinery or maybe you've only seen it on infomercials, but the Food Chopper is likely to be one of the smartest kitchen gadget inventions ever. There are many versions of food choppers in many different brands and from what I can tell they basically function the same way, but I can only speak for the one I've used, the Zyliss Food Chopper. Scanning in at less than $15, it's an affordable solution to all your chopping problems!

(Brace yourselves for the infomercial section of this blog post...) But you don't have to limit your chopper to garlic, it chops onions, peppers, nuts and anything else you need chopped! Manually operated by pressing down on the top, you control the fineness of the chop. You may love this product for its time-saving excellence or its incredible precision, but for me, I'm just glad I don't have to reach for the bright yellow gloves.

Here are some other brands of Food Choppers you might want to try:
Cuisinart Food Chopper
Pampered Chef Cutting Edge: Food Chopper
Vidalia Chop Wizard


Sarah said...

Great topic to cover Maxine and I totally agree with the ever lasting smell of garlic on my hands for days afterwards. I don't know why I never thought of buying a cool gadget like this one as opposed to always using my hands. This would probably work great with onions too.