Monday, July 9, 2007

I need an ice cream maker.

I'm rapidly turning into an ice cream snob.

First came the days of Breyers, whose classy (and actually minty) Mint Chocolate Chip made me turn up my nose at Edys' green, nearly flavorless junk. Then Haagen-Dazs, with its rich vanilla and decadent caramel. Now I balk at anything less than Oberweis, in my opinion the nation's finest iced cream (narrowly beating out Gilles Frozen Custard, mainly because of proximity).

And after seeing all these recipes for DIY sorbet, gelato, custard...I have to make some of my own. Meaning I need an ice cream maker. Meaning, unfortunately, I need to spend more than they charge for a shake at my local Ice Cream Shoppe.

Now, I'm not opposed to spending money on indulgences. I have a staggering DVD collection and I'll be wasting $400 come September so's I can play one game. But those things last forever! Ice cream doesn't last an hour in my house!

Still, I must. A whole world of culinary experimentation and unnecessary weight gain beckons, yearns, cries "Smylie!" at night while I sleep--

Look, I'm not crazy, I just really like ice cream. So I need your help. Where should I start? What brands are the best? Do I go manual or spring for electric?

Oh ye all-known sages of confection (all of whom, like, totally read our blog), please give me some tips. Because I need to make this recipe as soon as possible.

-Jim, hoping he gets to try all these soon, too


Max said...

As a fellow ice cream worshipper, I must recommend Graeter's ice cream ( It's only in Ohio and Kentucky as far as I know, but their black raspberry chip ice cream is to DIE for! It's honestly worth the drive from Chicago. :)

Melissa said...

Hey Jim, you should go to David Lebovitz' blog. He's a pastry chef and has great recipes & recommendations.

Robin said...

You have to try Capogiro Bitter Chocolate gelato... I'm drooling right now thinking about it!

They have it in the Whole Foods near me, which is good because I just saw they are only sell it in orders of 6 pints for 60 bucks on their website!

deeeeeeena said...

I love good ice cream and there really is nothing better than home-made. During my last batch of frozen yogurt (see my blog!) my cheapie machine broke. So now I'm looking to upgrade...I can't wait to get a fancy new machine.

Bob Lee said...

You might consider the Nemox 2200
You dont have to freeze the container.. it has a built in one.. The machine runs about 250 - 300 . I have had it for about a year.. used it a few times, never let me down yet..
Also.. very important buy a kitchen thermometer. You will be happy you did, otherwise its very easy to overcook or undercook your base ingredients - base.
Have fun with it.

Nia said...

Hey don't go spending up large, I did 10 years ago, bought an ice cream maker with built in freezer,..painfull piece of equipment.
just use a freezer safe container make your custard base and whip throughout the feezeing process the more you whip the lighter the ice cream will be. and more satisfying, my Ice cream maker sits, for most of the year in the cupboard, we make this dessert by hand , beacause everyone can have a turn.
have fun.