Friday, May 11, 2007

Last minute Mother's Day Gifts (Homemade of course!)

In just two days it will be Mother's Day and do you know what you are giving your mother? Trying to come up with an idea or a gift to buy your mom on Mother's Day is sometimes more difficult than shopping for your whole family on Christmas or Hanukkah. Your mom has been by your side your whole life during the good times as well as all the bad times, but not once did she ever judge you, she just loved you. So, how do you show your mom how grateful you are?

I believe giving your mom something you actually make with your own two hands shows her how much thought you have put into her gift. Don't be that person who goes out and buys her a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant or spa. Make her a special and extravagant dinner with her favorite foods or make her some fragrant lotions or bath oils or do what I am doing and make her a couple dozen of chocolate covered strawberries!

Simply Delicious Strawberries in Rich Chocolate

Fresh strawberries, washed and dried
Your favorite chocolate (Hershey's, Godiva, etc.)

Melt chocolate in microwave 15 seconds at a time until smooth and creamy. Stir gently. Dip strawberry 3/4 into chocolate. Place on cookie sheet lined with wax paper and place in refrigerator until ready to serve. Allow to sit at room temperature before devouring.

You should also check out the contest Recipe4Living is having which is totally in honor of all the mom's out there! Below is some info. on the contest. You better hurry because the contest ends on Mother's Day (Sunday).

Send us your favorite recipes, just like mom always made them and tell us why your mom deserves to be "Best Mom." Click here for more details and instructions.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom out there and most importantly, Happy Mother's Day MOM!!!