Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Grown Up Lox and Bagels

Like any good Jew, I love my lox and bagels. As my cousin and I agreed at a recent family gathering, it's the ultimate comfort food - maybe even more so than chicken soup. Maybe. Alas, smoked salmon is not the cheapest of fares and for a twenty-something trying to make it on her own, it's not a regular menu item. I at least make do with a lox spread at my favorite bagel place on the way to work and that usually tides me over.

My cravings for the smoked stuff were only enhanced when I came upon not one, but two salivatingly delicious photos today. The first features lox in the form of a pizza with gorgeous, thin pieces laid out over a generous shmear of cream cheese. The second mouth-watering recipe was for a Smoked Salmon and Tomato Salad Tartine at seven spoons that brings a more sophisticated flavor to the plate with chevre and a perfectly seasoned salad.

Personally, I can't wait to try both!


tara said...

As you could probably tell, I too have a deep-seated love of lox and bagels. So I do hope you enjoy my version if ever you try it! Cheers.

Max said...

Thanks Tara. It'll be my next splurge for entertaining. :)