Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rationalizing Resolutions

Welcome to the first entry of the Recipe4Living.com blog - Chew on That. As editors of the rapidly growing recipe website, Caley and I live and breathe the food world and all that goes along with it. But we couldn't help but feel that we were missing out on something big... real big. And so our journey into the blogging world begins. All recipes quoted and referenced in this blog can also be found on our website Recipe4Living.com. We hope to dazzle you with our wits, recipes and of course, our hunger.

Entering the third week in January, I don't think it's too late to say Happy New Year to all of our readers and fans. I should probably say something encouraging here about keeping your New Year's resolutions and sticking with the gym membership (I actually went last night!!), but I'm a firm believer in the "if I really want to do it, then I'll do it" mantra. I'm also a big fan of rationalization (which I imagine comes pretty natural to most foodies). For example, last night (after I worked out - yay!) I had dinner and then dessert. Dessert consisted of toasted pound cake with fresh, sliced strawberries, chocolate sauce, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a bit of whipped cream on top (yes, it was delicious - and a really easy, but pretty dessert). Thus, my rationalization - like any dessert lover - was that I would have eaten the dessert regardless of whether I had visited the gym. But because I worked my little tush off on the Elliptical machine for an hour (ok, 45 minutes), I come out even. See how that works out?

Here's my recipe for what I'll call Pound Cake Parfait.


1 pound cake
1 box fresh strawberries (can use frozen too), sliced
Vanilla ice cream
Chocolate sauce
Whipped Cream


Toast 1 inch thick slices of pound cake in toaster oven. (You'll have to toast in batches.) Cut pound cake into cubes and divide amongst four parfait glasses (see note). Layer strawberries, ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream on top.

Note: You can use any kind of interesting-looking dish, it doesn't have to be a parfait.

Yield: 4 servings